Automatically Create Contacts June 28, 2007

I often find myself creating a Outlook contact from the signature in an email or some text in a work document. Rather than do it by hand each time, I have put together a few vba commands and a new vba class to parse the text on the clipboard and create a new contact from what it gathers.

To set it up, in ThisOutlookSession add:

Public Sub ParseClipboard()
    Dim Selection As DataObject
    Dim SelectionStr As String

    Set Selection = New DataObject
    SelectionStr = Selection.GetText

    CreateAddrFromStr SelectionStr
End Sub


Perl Tk on Cygwin June 28, 2007

Getting Perl/Tk running under cygwin seems to be a constant pain. Until the recent perl release which went to a site/5.8 directory for modules, this was something that I went through every time I upgraded perl. I think I found the secret though. Apparently they dropped cygwin support in Tk804. You need to get Tk800.025 from cpan. Make test still reports a few errors, but the installation works for me.

A Java SSH Applet June 28, 2007

This is gerat! A website with a java applet that you can use to open an ssh connection in a web browser. I guess you need to be a bit trusting to use it, but it is put out there by and is open source, so I assume someone has looked at the source.

CPANPLUS with Local CPAN June 28, 2007

In followup to the not about how to create a local cpan repository, I figured out how to get cpanplus to use this respository. Not nearly as simple as with cpan, but once it is setup, it is a breeze. The following script does all the work.


Local CPAN (mini-cpan) June 28, 2007

Found a nice module/script to keep a local copy of the cpan repository for those times when we aren’t connected to the internet.

Used cpanp to get CPAN::Mini

minicpan -r -l CPAN/

From cpan use this to add the local repository. (This is a pain to do with cpanplus

o conf urllist unshift file:///home/mgrimes/CPAN/

Imagemagick and PerlMagick on Cygwin June 28, 2007

PerlMagick is another one I always struggle to install under cygwin. I have gotten it to work under cygwin 1.15.18-1. First, don’t use the ImageMagick package distributed with cygwin. Get version 5.5.7 binary, cygwin distribution originally from but since they have moved to version 6.

Install ImageMagick into /usr/local with the following commands:

$ cd /tmp
$ tar -xvzf ImageMagick-i686-pc-cygwin.tar.gz
$ cd ImageMagick-5.5.7
$ tar -cvzf install.tgz *
$ cd /usr/local
$ tar -xvzf /tmp/ImageMagick-5.5.7/install.tgz
$ rm -rf /tmp/ImageMagick-5.5.7


Lossless Rotation of JPEGs June 28, 2007

Found a very interesting tool to do lossless rotation and EXIF editing of JPEG files. Checkout jpegtran. This version is apparently a patched version of the JPEG software from IJG.

jpegtran -copy all -rotate 90 1.jpg

There is also a related tool, jhead, which can pull all sorts of interesting stuff out of JPEGs. This will extract a thumbnail which most cameras already embedded in photos:

jhead -st "thumbnails &i" *.jpg

And finally, another tool and script which can auto-magically rotate files based on the orientation info in the header.

Using Par::Packer (pp) with Gtk2 on Windows June 28, 2007

Well I haven’t completely got it working, but it is darn close. I ended up switching to WxWidgets, which will work with some coaxing. Most of this kludge is based on bug reports from Marc Lehmann. Thanks Marc!

First off, we need to create a list of all the Gtk2 files that aren’t picked up automatically by pp. I use this script to create the list and run pp. Note that I am running the script under cygwin, but I want to use the ActiveState Perl to run pp so we end up with a native Windows app. (BTW, I tried our Strawberry Perl, but it had issues with some of the dependencies due to a lack of pkgconfig.)


Installing CRM114 on Cygwin June 28, 2007

As is typical with installing anything in cygwin, CRM114 took some tweaking to get it to install properly. The CRM114 Discriminator is a “Controllable Regex Mutilator” according to their website. In engilish it is an complex and interesting tool to “examine incoming e-mail, system log streams, data files or other data streams, and to sort, filter, or alter the incoming files or data streams according to the user’s wildest desires.” Mostly it is used to sort spam.

Anyway, here is what I needed to do to install crm114 under cygwin. I used the 20040231-BlameYokohama version of CRM114. First, get the libiconv, gettext and procmail from cygwin. Then get the Mew from (I used version 3.3.) Install mew-3.3 with cd bin && ./configure && make && make install. This will give you mewdecode and mewencode. From the CRM114 package cd into tre directory and install with ./configure && make && make install. Now, back in the main CRM114 dir, edit the Makefile to add the following lines somewhere after the initial definitions.

CFLAGS += -I/usr/local/include
LDFLAGS += -L/usr/local/lib
LIBS += -lintl -liconv


Backing up Linux/Cygwin with rsync and perl June 28, 2007

rsync is a very powerful tool, but not always the most intuitive. Here is a Perl script that I use to backup all of my relevant files (under both Linux and Cygwin) to a remote backup machine. All that is needed is ssh, rsync and perl.


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