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Web testing June 10, 2009

I have been stuck doing a lot of front-end web work lately and haven’t had a chance to do much perl coding (I am planning on releasing an Mason based renderer for Email::MIME::Kit soon though). I’m very impressed with the power of CSS in modern browsers. The last time I looked at it, browser incompatibilities really made it difficult to use. It is much better still, I find most of the work to be trial and error, so I have a couple of tips that have saved me some time going back and forth…

Quick Browser Refresh

I do all of my coding in vim and have ton of mappings (maybe I’ll share some in future). One I really like right now it ,u which saves the current file then runs my xrefresh perl script which finds my Firefox window and refreshes the current page. It is a simple script that is based on X11::GUITest. It works particularly well when I am using two monitors and can have the browser on in one of them. Here is the mapping, along with the ,U mapping which saves all files:

nmap <silent> ,u :w<cr>:! xrefresh 'Gran Paradiso'<cr>
nmap <silent> ,U :wa<cr>:! xrefresh 'Gran Paradiso'<cr>



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